Bank Details

Dollar Account

Pay to Account Name:- Snow View trek and Expedition.P.Ltd

Current Account Number :- 01906271500017

Paying Bank :-  HIMALAYAN BANK LIMITED,Thamel  , Kathmandu ,Nepal 

Account type :-current 

Swift Code:- HIMANPKA


Indian  Rupees Account

pay to Account Name :-Nami Nath devkota

Current Account Number :- 17715240048191

Paying Bank -NEPAL SBI BANK LTD ,Durbar Marg Main branch,kesharMahal 

Swift code :- NSBINPKA


Nepalese Rupees Account

Pay  to Account Name :-  Snow View Trek  expd .P.L

Current Account Number :- 13201050033909

Paying Bank :- NEPAL INVESTMENT MEGA BANK  LTD ,     Thamel 132 , Kathmandu, Nepal 

Accunt Type :- Current 

Swift Code :- NIBLNPKT